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"Kathy Gonzalez"


Kathleen Ann Gonzalez



Where to Buy the Paperback Book:​


* Recycle Books on The Alameda, San Jose, CA

* I Am Books, Boston, MA


* Museo Italo Americano, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA

* Gondola Servizio




* Amazon







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Kobo ebook store:

Amazon Kindle:





Sites for Other Books:​​

Free Gondola Ride:

A Small Candle:

A Beautiful Woman in Venice:

Quiz Answers


1. He played the violin (often translated as the fiddle). (Walk 1)
2. Most biographers say he gave one sermon. In fact, he gave one complete and successful sermon; his second attempt ended partway through it when he fainted and then fled the building. (Walk 6)
3. Casanova suffered from nosebleeds. (Walk 3)
4. He got embroiled in an argument, then wrote a play lampooning some noblemen. He had to leave town to escape worse persecution. (Walk 5)
5. Casanova was expelled from the seminary after he was caught in bed with another boy. (Walk 3)


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