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I'll say it--I'm a confessed Venetophile—or is that a Venezianista? My love for Venice began a mere five minutes into my first vaporetto ride down the Grand Canal in 1996. Since then, I've returned to Venice enough times that I've lost count--but not enough times that I've tired of it.


Putting my knowledge of Venice to good use, I worked as the "Venice Consultant" for a company that was creating a video game about a teddy bear sleuthing in Venice. My first book, Free Gondola Ride published in 2003, is about the gondoliers of Venice. The chapter about Max also appeared in the San Jose Mercury News travel section.

Most of the year I am a high school English teacher who travels every chance I get. But I also fit in time for writing. My second book, A Small Candle, is about Camp Everytown and how it helps to end prejudice in communities. I also have essays in three anthologies, and I have collaborated on a book about teaching high school English, published by Pearson in 2013. Ca' Specchio is my independent publishing imprint.

My fascination for Casanova began when I heard my gondolier friends point out Casanova's house on way too many canals. I grew suspicious and started researching. As I read Casanova's twelve-volume memoirs, I was seduced by his words and his adventures. The fun continued as I began working with Casanovists around the world who shared their glee and knowledge generously. Seductive Venice marries two of my loves into one book.

I've continued my fascination with Venice by writing A Beautiful Woman in Venice, published in America and Italy in 2015. It chronicles the lives of over 30 historical Venetian women who overcame obstacles to share their talents with their city. I will continue to write more on these women, so stayed tuned!

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