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  1. After reading about many of Casanova's exploits, what is your opinion of him?

  2. Casanova is best known as a great lover. What did you think of his seduction techniques and his view of love? Do you believe he is sincere or only an opportunist?

  3. Of the love affairs Casanova had in Venice, which intrigued you the most? Why?

  4. Many people don't know anything about Casanova besides his reputation as a great lover. What new things did you learn about him? How did that shape your opinion?

  5. Casanova could be devious. Think of times he played pranks or fooled others. How do you feel about his actions and words? Which devious act do you feel was least justified and why? Which was the most justified and why?

  6. What did you think of Casanova's moral and ethical choices? Do you share his values?

  7. Which of Casanova's quotes stood out to you and why?

  8. Did you use the book as a walking guide while in Venice? In what ways was this book enlightening? Have you been to Venice before reading this book? If so, how was this experience different?

  9. Or did you read Seductive Venice as an armchair traveler? What was your experience with the city from afar while reading? 

  10. The book is titled Seductive Venice partly in response to Casanova's exploits, but also in relation to the city itself. How do you see Venice as "seductive"?  

  11. What did you learn about Venice in the 18th century? Which customs entranced you? Which ones appalled you?

  12. What is the tone of the book? Serious, informal, academic, sassy ...? Did this feel appropriate for the material?

  13. If you could be in Venice tomorrow, which of these sites would you go to first? Why does it  draw you? 

Discussion Questions for Seductive Venice: In Casanova's Footsteps
Thank you for considering reading Seductive Venice: In Casanova's Footsteps in your book club. To facilitate your discussion, I offer these questions as a starting place.
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