Read the Book ... and Take the Tour!


All women are beautiful in their own way.  Some are blessed with physical perfection, but most exhibit their beauty through their grace, their behavior, and their actions.  Venice has a very intriguing history, and when you take the A Beautiful Woman in Venice tour, you will be introduced to many remarkable, impressive, and inspiring women who walked those cobblestones and who acted with determination, grace, intelligence, and…well beauty.  Allow yourself to be inspired, empowered, and transformed, channel your inner Giovanna, Isabella, and Veronica, become A Beautiful Woman in Venice!


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A Beautiful Woman in Venice is not just a book--it's also a tour company, run by my friend and collaborator Vonda. She'll take you to Venice to see where the women in the book lived--their homes, churches, and museums related to their lives. Vonda leads small, personalized trips for women, with a behind-the-scenes feel. Check out her site for the itinerary, photos from previous tours, prices, and good travel energy!