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    I'm passionate about Venetian history, so I'm happy to make presentations to your group! I've presented multiples times to Italian heritage groups, libraries, schools, men's and women's social clubs, museums, and more. The presentation can be tailored to meet your group's needs. Please contact me at to set up a presentation. I live in San Jose, California, and can travel within the Bay Area easily.


    Here's a sample of some of the presentations I can make:


    * Casanova's life in Venice--the places where the legend was created.

    * Gondolas and gondoliers: Not just gliding in a boat, but learning who your rower is.

    * Venetian women in music: Composers, singers, and musicians and their place in society.

    * Venetian women authors: Poets, playwrights, essayists, editors, translators, and more.

    * Creativity and the Venetian woman: pastels, paint, glass, lace, and the pen.

    * Venetian courtesans and their many talents as writers, musicians, and models.

    * Women pushing the boundaries: racing in regattas, writing about women's equality, earning a university degree, speaking publicly, and running a glass factory.


    Or the timeline: I present a timeline of Venetian women over the centuries and let the audience choose who they want to hear more about.

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