"WOW! I loved it. Savored every page.

This book brought me back to Venice in my thoughts, my dreams, and all of my obsessive subconscious. Except for the parts where the guys were hitting on the author, I found myself vicariously living out each step, each traghetto crossing, each glass of wine and every escape from the rain. A lot of the interesting details were ones I already knew but there were several gems of new info. As I read, I kept reaching for my map to see where some of the places were (campos, churches, etc.) and I kept saying to myself, “I must ask her where that restaurant is”. And “I need to find one of those rings with the pali and fero”. The gondola history and glossary at the back are a great addition and very nicely done."

--Greg Mohr, President of the Gondola Society of America




"Beautifully written.

Here is a chance to gain insight into the love life, trials and tribulations of the world famous gondoliers of Venice. You will discover that they are real people with real feelings and real dreams like anyone else in the world."


-Clarence Robert Tower, author of Seventy Years in the Silicon Valley




"Like Little Red Riding Hood in a den of wolves, Kathleen Ann González, armed with only her notebook,

manages to hold her own in this unique and glorious romp with the gondoliers of Venice."


-Norma Howe, author of The Adventures of Blue Avenger




"I enjoyed your book. It made the gondolas much more interesting to me-and I certainly appreciated the gondola history and lore you provided. On p. 177 you said Nedis Tramontin (75 years old) was no longer working. That is not so. He is well into his 80s and works daily alongside his son Roberto at their well-known squeri."


--Sandra Gustafson, author of the Great Eats, Great Sleeps series of travel books



"I am enjoying the book so much, I don't want to put it down. I finally stopped reading it to feed the kids. Then I woke up early, 6am, couldn't go back to sleep and of course had to read some more until it was time to start getting ready for work. Darn my life, I want to finish reading about your "ego trip" in Venice. I can picture you doing everything that you wrote about."


--Jennifer Glisson, Valdosta Food Bank, Valdosta, GA



"This is fabulous! What a wonderful and personal style you have. I'm enjoying the reading and unfurling of personalities. Can't wait to finish it. I'm so glad you've included a history of the gondola, too."


--Gary Gonzalez, Teacher



"As in touch with the gondoliers and herself as she is with her students."


--Tomomi Harkey, San Jose, CA



"The perfect book to get me in the mood for Venice!"


--Trish Nugent, Santa Rosa, CA



"I picked this book whilst on my honeymoon inAugust 2003. Although from England I come from a descended Venetian line – our reason for going there. My g-g-g-grandfather was a gondolier at the San Toma Traghetto. Few books have been written about the gondolier, and none in Kathy’s down to earth and realistic style. I read this book in a few days after returning from Venice and it is indeed one of the best books I’ve read, true and honest to the last. Much recommended – it has the gondoliers down to a tee!"


--Claudia Aliffe, Great Britain